Why Marmot ?

Well, way back when I was doing video, I wanted a name for a production company.
Since I was born on Feb. 2 I considered Groundhog Productions but that was taken. Marmot is the latin genus for groundhogs and I thought it sounded more classy. So I became Marmot on the Internet, since it seems a lot of others also had the same idea, I use Marmot42 often for my id.
I'm available for hire in any of these fields or computer support, contact me.

I enjoy web design and graphics, this site will be examples of my style and include links to sites I did like the award winning web pages for Wellington High School but since I left they no longer have it. I have taught web design at Adult Education
I am now doing the pages for ABATE of Florida Palm Beach chapter along with my bike site BikerOnlineGuide.com.

Also I've gotten back into photography with my digital cameras. Had I been able to take photography earlier when I was SUNY Geneseo, I might have ended up going to RIT for its great photography department. Now my digital photos are on Facebook ABATE of Florida Palm Beach chapter along with my Facebook and bike site BikerOnlineGuide.com. 

Next is to get my video production back with a digital camcorder and computer editing. Watch for some FLASH imbedded videos as I get my creative juices flowing.

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