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Harry Chapin

Like many, I have fond memories of Harry. When I was in high school our favorite pizza place, Honeys in Niagara Falls NY, had Taxi in on the jukebox as a 45 (that dates me) with Empty on the flip side. I played both often. In my freshman year at SUNY Geneseo I saw him live for the first time in a small stage where the power of his voice blew my mind. It was like being in his living room. I remember his guitarist Ron Palmer and his short bawdy songs. Harry invited everyone backstage afterwards.
I saw Harry several more times - at Artpark in my hometown of Lewiston, NY; Melody Fair in Buffalo where he spent time signing anything (I bought his book of poems and a T-shirt) and talking with me as if he remembered me from before; and finally at Geneseo after my graduation.
I even saw Tom Chapin in concert in Florida.

Harry, you are missed

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Looking and Seeing - PoetryHarry was much more than a songwriter
Movie maker: 1968 Legendary Champions Documentary had Oascar nomination.
Cotton Patch Gospel filmed stage play
Poetry: Looking ...Seeing by Harry Chapin and Rob White (Paperback - 1975)

Broadway: musical "The Night that Made America Famous" two Tony nominations and ran for 2 months with 75 performances.

Born Dec. 7 1942 - Harry Chapin (songwriter, singer: Recipient of Special Congressional Gold Medal: Worldwide Humanitarian for the Hungry, Needy and Homeless; killed in auto accident July 16, 1981)

Harry's Gravestone

Folk singer HARRY CHAPIN died in a bizarre 1981 accident on New York's Long Island Expressway. Chapin had turned on his emergency flashers and was slowing and changing lanes when his car was struck from behind by a tractor-trailer rig. Sparks from the collision set Chapin's car on fire. According to the New York Times obituary, the truck driver "cut Mr. Chapin from his seatbelt and dragged him from the flaming wreckage," but Chapin was pronounced dead shortly afterwards. Further examination showed that Chapin had suffered a fatal heart attack -- though whether the heart attack led to the accident or vice-versa was never determined.


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