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Two Wheels On Two Reels

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As bikers we should be concerned with our public image.  Most people’s thoughts on bikers are heavily influenced by movies, television, and the media.  Unfortunately this is usually not in a positive light. Do they see us in our leathers as gang members regardless?  As a lover of both motorcycles and movies, I decided to investigate the motorcycle in movies. I started on the Internet doing searches for any bike terms, especially on the Internet Movie Database site (  I got a lot of information from that site.  Found (note singular movie) as another great source.  But for over 1038 films check the site. I tried many other sites to order movies for more data and ordered books like The Big Book of Biker Flicks (lists 40 biker films) and Two Wheels on Two Reels (a history).  So I created these webpages showing all these films.  Then I started renting or ordering many of these movies so I could review and write this story.  In my “reviews” I include plot summaries in quotes from the source, release month when possible, and principle common or know actors.  Then if I have seen it or from what I have read, I make some personal comments (in blue).

What makes a motorcycle movie? Well if you go by The Big Book of Biker Flicks a biker film is a low budget exploitation film one would have most likely seen at a drive in movie about gangs on bikes.  But I include many movies that have a motorcycle in it – hopefully has something to do with plot, even if just a chase, or used to make a character seem more of a bad boy.  I have noticed much cover art includes a bike even if not important.  Those things I note in my comments.  As stated in both of the books I have mentioned, the biker movie is a product of its time in history.  Major studios would not make them.  Most dealt with the bad boy image of bikers and mixed with juvenile delinquent, drug, hippie, and rock concepts of their time.  Some of these make the films funny in regard to the reality of being a biker.  Many of these movies have alias names just like bikers.

Films where at least one biker or motorcycle appears as a significant plot element - various sources like those below by searching for motorcycle, biker, etc. Often I found these description subject as after seeing the movie there was no biker, motorcycle in at all. is no longer but was a good source.

Internet Movie Data Base

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Lists many many movies
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