Student Computer Standards

One of the things that impressed me when I started at Boca Raton Middle 15 years ago was that the principal Dr. Dick Reed would have our staff meet with those of our feeder elementary and high schools we sent students to in order to create a stream of progression. I was involved with the technology and we had skills sets for each grade to accomplish. So this is something I want to create for our elementary school - benchmarks and lessons for every grade beyond the basic ones of the School Board.

I haven't had the time to really work on this yet. Hoping some other schools might be help work on this.

I found other school district sites that have some good ideas

Lake Tahoe Unified School District Technology Standards

Computer Technology Standards of Learning For Virginia's Public Schools

NETS For Students

A Plan Without a Plan

Learn NC Computer Technology


I.Q. TEchnology Interactive Quizzes by Tami Maloney

Teaching Elementary Computers EDU 314

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