Create RIP to Remove Icons

1Earlier we learned  how to create RIP to add icons.
Now follow similar steps to remove them.



Use RapidInstall Editor

File New – save as a new file. Example Iconoff2.exe


Now to find what to remove


Right click in Drives box, select
> Existing Item







2Browse down to C:\Documents and settings\all users.  You can do these steps for just that folder but then requires the Startup fixicon.bat to be run.  So do these steps in BOTH Desktop and Desktop Backup folders.

1.      Select the icon or links you want to remove.  You can use the Ctrl key to multiple select.

2.      Check the Add as a deleted item and click OK


Repeat in both Desktop and Desktop Backup folders.  Now to check click on the folder and you will see the items marked for removal with the red X. Here you the KidWorks is still active – I missed Add as a deleted item. Compare the 2 folders to see if missed any.



Save the rip after you Edit the RIP options

Edit RIP Options

Now need to make the RIP setting to work perfectly.

In RapidInstall go to Edit then RIP Options

Under File Options check the first choice

Run Option – Run without user interaction



 Since we are just removing files and shortcuts that are not dependant on the operating system we can make a “universal RIP.”


Click the Install Conditions tab and check BOTH   Windows 2000 and XP


Save your new RIP.

Be sure to copy to your schools express/images/school folder so Altiris can access for a job.