Setting Up Office’s Outlook

First you need to be logged into the District’s network with your ID.

Find the Outlook icon on desktop, Programs, or on top of XP’s Start menu.



If you ever get a Security Warning box like above when first running an Office program, BE SURE to check the box before “Always trust macros from this publisher” Then click the button named Enable Macros

This a result of having the Read Write Gold 8 program on the computer.  Normally It would not as could be a security risk but not it this case.


If Outlook not run with this user on this computer, should see something like picture to left – this is for version 2003 but all should be similar.

Click Next and yes to configure account until see like below – select Microsoft Exchange Server


Next screen is like below.  Type pbmail1 for Microsoft Exchange Server and your network/email ID.
Be sure to click the Check Name button  


  The Check Name should return your name underlined whhich means it found your account fine.


  Next, Click Finish to ahve it set up your Outlook account and access your emails.