Create RIP to Add Icons

I find that I can do this logged in as pcadmin or sysop/admin user.  I find sysop/admin works better when working with server program shortcuts as the mappings are not there when in as pcadmins.

TIP: on my tech station I create a B: map to the express folder to made things easier to access those folders including Images folder

First you need to Create Shortcuts
Go to Windows Explorer (TIP - use keys: Window key logo+E)  

Open Local Disk C: and go to documents and settings, All Users then into Desktop Backup

Shortcuts can either be local off your server or to Internet sites

Local Server 
Open a second Windows Explorer (keep both showing on desktop) and go to Local Apps W:

Find the exe or file that runs the program.  Right click and drag it to the All Users / Desktop Backup Folder

When you release the menu gives options, use Create shortcuts here.  That file may not be the icon you want.  If there is an ico file there to use, right click on the new shortcut, go to Properties and use the Change Icon button to browse to and select that icon.  See later if you want to use another icon file or create your own.
Internet sites
Create the shortcut in the normal way.  Right click in the blank area of the All Users Desktop Backup, from the menu select New then shortcut.  In the box you enter the web address.

BEST PRACTICE TIP – go to that site to be sure it works, copy the address and paste it in the shortcut box.  This prevents typing errors and verifies the site is working.

Then give it a label name, Example: url  named White House Kids.
1   However you will be stuck with the default Internet shortcut icon.  You will want a more representative icon.

One great FREE source is - when saving also save the gif picture, useful when using to create documentation or email about the new shortcuts.
You can also create your own icons.  I like to use IrfanView to capture images and it saves/converts to icon files.
Either way I will save these files to an icon folder on the local hard drive I create it in the program files folder.  Do not save to windows system folder as it is named different in different OS versions and there will not be able to find the icon file.

These icon RIPs can be made to be cross Windows versions. 

Use this folder (like mine in Program files) to browse to when changing icons as described previously.

Once you have made your link and icon assignment, you should copy the shortcut to the All Users – Desktop folder

TIP: If you want to create a temporary shortcut, just create it in the All Users – Desktop folder only – not in Backup.  Then the Fixicon.bat file or a re-login will erase it.


Now copy the RInstall folder from the server Express to your to local hard drive.  This allows for easier access and on the local drive faster processing as eliminates network traffic. 
When it asks “What do you want to do?”, check the second box “Proceed to Editor

2 Using the RapidInstall Editor

File - New – save as requestor pops up

Create a file name for the RIP.
Example Internet shortcut “White House for Kids”

If working on the local drive remember to copy to the express\school folder after finishing ALL steps. 

Keep the RapidInstall window open and resize the Desktop Backup folder to be side by side.

3   4


Right click on the White House Kids shortcut and drag it to the blank area of the Drives part of the RapidInstall window. 

Repeat for the All Users – Backup

BE SURE TO DRAG to empty area of the Drive window. 

Then you need to get the icon file copied over. 
Go to the hard drive where you saved the file

 I use c:\program files\icons, and drag the same way. 

Result should look like figure to left.

Now need to make the RIP setting to work perfectly.

In RapidInstall go to Edit then RIP Options

Under File Options check the first choice

Run Option – Run without user interaction



 Since we are just copying files and shortcuts that are not dependant on the operating system we can make a “universal RIP.”

Click the Install Conditions tab and check BOTH   Windows 2000 and XP

Save your new RIP.

Be sure to copy to your schools express/images/school folder so Altiris can access for a job.

This same process can be used to copy files to hard drives and to remove icons.