Why doesn’t Media Player show video on AVI movies?


Need the Xvid codec file.  Download and install from http://www.xvidmovies.com/codec/ which can be done from sysop login.


BTW this also solved the loading problem for Movie Maker I experienced.


Have you noticed Media Player will not play DVDs?

Of course has to be a computer (GX270 and up) that has a DVD drive installed.
The district images did not include the software to be able to read.  Guess this is good as prevents students from bringing in movies and watching on school time.

For teacher stations this could be useful to show DVDs with a projectore.

There should be a RIP on your server

express\images\PBCSD\all schools\XP GX520 powerDVD5.5.exe

I haven’t tested this on the GX270 but you can create your own RIP from the CDs that came with the model as one for PowerDVD.



You can tell from the “logo” on the drive door whether a DVD or just CD drive, but how can you tell is a recorder or not?
If the logo is on the side it is just a player

If the logo is centered then it is a recorder also.