Image Resizing and File Compression

For Edline pictures need to be no more than 314 pixels wide (the height does not matter), smaller than 75 Kilobytes (larger pictures are difficult to display for families using dial-up modems), and type .jpg, or .gif
And file compression allows for faster viewing as the file Kilobyte size gets lower.
Below are my reviews and  results using free and online programs I found on Google.

Free Resizing Software

IrfanView Free, easy to use and many graphic features.  I really like using this for photo adjustments.  Works with many formats and can save as icon files.  However while it does good for quality for resizing the compression results are not as good as others since quality is prime concern. Even tested the several Resample options but no difference in results.

1PIXresizer – FREE

This is one recommended by the district.

It is easy to use with many options. In fact it is probably the easiest to use.

Nice that allows for different format savings, rotation, grayscale, and Save As

However, the compression is not as good until to get to much smaller sizes. This is due to the default compressions being high quality.  The trick to changing is to click on the “boxed” full format name to reveal the compression settings, but seemed to only work with jpeg.  The Default is 90.  I tried at 50 for the 640 size and it dropped from 107 K to 45 K without noticeable drop in quality.  So if you are willing to take the time to make these settings then PIXresizer is the compression winner.

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP includes
2Image Resizer
This PowerToy enables you to resize one or many image files with a right-click on the file icon.  So very easy to use. Compression was acceptable for larger images but as you got to smaller sizes, they were disappointing.

Recommended for ease of use.

Resize all your digital images in one go!Visualizer Photo Resize  or

At first I was put off by the interface as not Windows standard and not clear on how to use.

It seemed to me only good for batch jobs
But after playing around I found that if use

3 preview button on front page the program becomes easy to use even though it does do follow standard Windows menus

4 I liked that the aspect ratio was automatic and you could select others than 4 x3.  Another feature I liked was it showed the document size in inches or cm after setting your pixels.  Another good feature was you had four Compression Quality choices.  For the chart I used Max quality but high might be acceptable if even lower compression needed.  Even at Max quality was one of the best in lowering the KB.  Also does watermarks (even images), grayscale, color auto adjust, and creates albums with choices of skins. It takes a little to learn but recommend as great compression and many good features.



Of the programs does best compression result but not easy to use for the general user being not so user friendly.

To open a file need to “Add Image”

There is no Save As, uses Start so be sure to change “Destination settings” to different folder to prevent losing original image as no option to rename

 Only effect is “convert to greyscale’ which reduces size even more. 

VSO Image Resizer
Have to create “profile” for sized not listed.  Does add size to name to leave original
Compression only fair but bad if doing more that one as closes after doing job.  Not recommended.

Picasa – I did not find it friendly for the basic user.  Not easy to open one image and I could not find a resize so not included.

Several of these are also downloadable at


Online Image Resizer -
Good that after entering one dimension, click elsewhere and it converts aspect ratio.  It has some quality settings too. Also shows and tells result before saving. Best of several I found online and compares with the better programs in ease of use and results.
It does give choices of - set sizes, %, custom; 3 quality settings, and greyscale or Sepia effects.
The results in the charts are the middle one “better” of quality choices.  Results not impressive.
The cool thing about this site is the information it gets from the photo Example: the 314 pixel of test photo –

Camera make : Samsung Techwin
Camera model : < Digimax U-CA 5, Kenox U-CA 5 / Kenox
Date/Time : 2007:02:24 13:23:27
Resolution : 314 x 235
Flash used : No
Focal length : 5.8mm (35mm equivalent: 35mm)
Exposure time: 0.0056 s (1/180)
Aperture : f/2.8
ISO equiv. : 50
Whitebalance : Auto
Metering Mode: spot
Exposure : program (auto)
Comment : Image Resized at

Pic resize
Has some effects, including “Border” styles but be careful to set as pixels, even on the “optional” height, for correct size and to prevent distortion

Netmechanics GifBot
For images not needing resizing but just file compression, online.

There are other programs for compression.