Outlook Deleted files

Sometimes it seems no matter what you do you still have a full mailbox.  Even after deleting messages, drafts, sent items, and even the Deleted Items folders, you might still get error message.


On the Outlook program on the computer you can solve this.
Not setup?

Deleted email goes into the Deleted Files folder.  Empty under Tools.  This will empty the folder but the files are still around

They go to a Recoverable Folder.  This should be emptied weekly by the District, however sometimes this fails to get done or you should do quicker to be sure your mailbox is empty as possible.  

To purge these emails, click the Deleted Items under your user name to change to that folder. Click the Recover Deleted Items under Tools on menu. You will see the list below.  You can still recover a file here if needed.

To purge and totally remove - Click 2  to select all – then 3  to permanently delete/purge them. 


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