Importing SRI.txt into Excel

Once all the data is in Excel I can sort it by various fields, eliminate some un-needed data, and export as text for other programs. Work closely with your Data Processor to update the SRI often, before SRI testing, or on a schedule especially when a lot of student changes or enrollments.. While they can print your class rosters, can they be sorted? The DP could print the classes as test files but would take long. This conversion of SRI.txt allows you to sort by the various fields. I use to get student names into Learn to Type sorted by teacher, print teacher classes sorted by student number for listed to enroll in Harcourt Math Center. BTW SRI management is good as does give you the birthdates (in parenthesis) that you need to enroll students into FCAT Explorer after the initial District enrollment.

On the menu Data > Import External Data > Import Data go to the Scholastic folder on server and select the SRI.text file.. In Step 1 check Delimited


Next  see how the Data preview has changed in step 2.
You need to change Delimitors to comma


Next In step 3 select Column Data format as Text so teacher numbers like 001 will be correct and not show as just 1. Also number starting ith zeros will keep the 0.




EXPORT – save as text or csv