Audio Enhancement Problem Solutions


There have been some issues discovered.


Remotes – Sonys sometime don’t seem to work.  Appears some are sensitive and need to be aimed at projector from behind and maybe elevated.


Be aware that all audio inputs are alive.

When watching movies, DVD, announcements will need to:

            Turn off your microphones

            Mute the computer audio – easiest is to plug a headphone into front jack

Otherwise you me mixing and hearing audio from several sources – even with the projector off.


TIP for connecting Video’s audio and computer audio with projector and without audio enhancement system

Low cost work about.  Find some of those old computer speakers where the mini audio stereo connector is a separate piece (Figure 1), not hard wired to the speaker.  Connect figure 1 cable to computer headphone out on backside of computer, then other plug into one of jacks in Figure 2 cable.  The red and white ends of Figure 3 cable go into the audio outs of a DVD/VCR combo and the black mini jack goes into the other input on the Figure 2 cable. are Use a mini stereo splitter to combine that cable (Figure 2) and one of the two male RCA jacks to one mini stereo cable (Figure 3 - most schools had lots of these from the old CCC project). This works very well.

35 mm audio cable

Figure 1

35 mm audio splitter

Figure 2

duo RCA to 35 mm audio


Figure 3


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