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Education 4 Kids Online Presentations for Math, Money Math, Time, Social Studies, language arts, Science

Time-for-Time  Cool site for time lessons, GREAT to show with digital readout & present time 
at  http://www.time-for-time.com/swf/myclox.swf - even show Day and Night
More on TEACHING TIME Just in Time; Clocks…Teaching Time; Time and Date.com
InfoPlease Daylight Savings Time; Saving Time, Saving Energy; Daylight Time;

MONEY - PBS Electric Money

Lesson Plans and more
Answers.com Teacher Toolkit   - Discovery Channel Education

TeachersFirst   -  LearnngPage  -  Exploring FloridaEducation World


Learning Resources: Essay Writing , Thinking Skills, Reading

Writing Tips: Essay builder

Florida Then & Now – FCAT style History readings and questions

MONEY LESSONSHistory of Money, H.I.P. Pocket Change, We’re In the Money, It’s My Life – Money, PBS Electric Money, Americans for Common CentsSecrets of Making Money, American Currency Exhibit, Pictures of World Currency, EconEd Links

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National Geographic Geography Lessons and Activities         

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