Progression of Learning with Technology
Teaching Using and for Technology
Pupil Progression Project

How do we get our staff and students to learn and use technology?  What is needed is a plan to progress their skills in computer, Reading and other subjects.  Working with what the District has supplied, we are developing a K-5 Reading comprehension path. We begin with StarFall, Story Place, and especially Tumblebooks. Then using quizzes on Tumblebooks prepares them for Reading Counts. Plans for math and other subjects are in progress.  I also am trying to start a plan for computer skills (and ethics) since I have found little available for the very young.  So far I have found Internet safety lessons on BrainPop Jr., BrainPop, and Tumblebooks along with Internet research on BrainPopBrainPop also has some lesson on computers but more advanced.   I do have links to several online tests from other school districts.  But just to teach (especially the young ones) computers, I plan on using Flash to create lessons and quizzes.  I have found the site very good to help develop some skills such as mouse control and the kids enjoy it.  I have included it on my Edline Links page and then at school direct grade appropriate links on the “dice” links for each grade.

One thing needed for young children is a quick and easy way to get to the programs. To get to the proper links in Learning Tools you need to go through many steps. I made a shortcut with the Balloons icon to get to the basic ones for the younger. Now the district has done the same but I still like my icon better. Learning Tools has Worldbook but I made a shortcut for the Kids version. I added an Internet Links page to our Edline site. This year I took it further and in the W: drive I created Grade level links (the dice icons). I can add links for teachers there quickly and good for all school. There are several good sites and here I can directly go the grade level pages of these like ABCya. With Learn To Type 3 freezing al the time, I looked for other options. I found the Keyboarding link site and now have limited the best choices in the Grade Icons. These are either Internet Links or HYML files on Server W: drive. Click icons on left for samples.

Grade Level Progression Checklists
Recommendations for Internet Lessons & Tumblebooks for learning

Computer Ethnics
I do have more tech links on our Edline page and several sites from other sources on tech plans from other states.

ESOL Links from Multicultural Department

Online Stopwatch and Count Down

Don't know why District eliminated the useful Character Map in their images. I creates a shortcut to C:\WINDOWS\system32\charmap.exe

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