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Who is Daniel R. Henderson ?

Well, a little about me. I was born Feb. 2, 1954 in Akron Ohio but the family moved to western New York state where I grew up in a small town. I attended Lewiston-Porter Central schools and went to college at State University of New York at Geneseo where I started my search for the ultimate answer. My major was anthropology. I moved to Florida in 1978 to work on my masters at FAU and have been here ever since. I worked in retail and at an independent Television station. That is where I first used the Amiga. I was involved with the local south Florida Amiga Users Groups, and was the last President of the ACEs group meeting in West Palm Beach FL. Presently I'm worked as a computer tech at a high school
If you have visited my main page you will see many of many links to my interests. Others include: Cartoons ( Bloom County, Calvin and Hobbs), Family Genealogy, Science Fiction, darts, and a nice local pub.
Marvin Martian Visit my picture Gallery for more photos of me as a kid and family.  Looking for a new Genealogy program that does Web pages for future posting. But seems I might have to create my own Web genealogy style

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